Katharina Marx, Medizinische Fachangestellte

Katharina Marx, Medizinische Fachangestellte

The Pediatric Allergology offers treatment for a full range of diseases, such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, hives, insect-sting allergies, and severe allergic reactions. We are dedicated to providing patients and their families with the most advanced allergy and immunology pediatric care available and the medical support and guidance they need. 

We offer skin prick testing, PATCH testing, oral food challenge, specific nasal provocation before the allergen immunotherapy (hyposensibilization oder desensitization). 

There is a large amount of children following elimination diets, which impair quality of life and can lead to serious negative effects. Please let us know, if your child is under diet (egg, cow milk, gluten, „ADHS-Diet“). In many cases we may help you to discontinue the diet under medical supervision.